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Mattresses (and the way we buy them) looks nothing like it did 10 years ago. From pocketed coils to shipping an entire bed in a box, these four innovations in the mattress industry are changing the way we sleep for the better!


Compressing and Roll-Packing Innerspring Beds

Only a decade ago putting an entire mattress into a box would have been a little bit like trying to fit an elephant into a doggy door. But with online shopping becoming the norm, it was only a matter of time before mattress companies found a way to do just that—and then ship it right to your front door.

These days, advanced roll packing machines can compress anything from all-foam mattresses to advanced hybrid beds. The process even enhances the integrity of the mattress--popping the cell structure for better breathability once the mattress expands. Brooklyn Bedding manufacturers, packs and ships over 1000 mattresses this way daily. It’s amazing what some innovative thinking, a state-of-the-art factory and 60 tons of pressure can do!


Latex Alternative Foams

Latex foam, a hypoallergenic, hyper-responsive foam derived from the sap of rubber trees, is still widely considered the creme de la creme of bedding materials. It’s also expensive—so expensive that many latex foam beds use a blend of synthetic and natural latex to lower cost.

Thankfully, innovation in foam technology gave rise to the perfect alternative—latex alternative foams, that is. Patented foams such as TitanFlex™, exclusive to Brooklyn Bedding, and Energex™ offer all the responsiveness of latex, coupled with the contouring properties of memory foam.


Individually Pocketed Spring Technology

Shopping for a mattress nowadays typically means choosing between a hybrid innerspring mattress or an all foam mattress—but only a few decades ago, the only choice was the traditional innerspring mattress made with steel coils connected by metal wiring. These types of beds were the bane of any couples existence since even minimal movement by one sleeper would cause the other sleeper to bounce and move, too.

Enter pocketed spring technology—an evolution of the innerspring mattress. By creating individual coils and encasing each one in fabric, manufacturers isolated the motion of each sleeper. High degree tempering used by companies like Brooklyn Bedding also allow for a more durable coil that cannot only be compressed but bounce back to full spring integrity once the bed is unboxed.


Cooling Phase Change Surface Infusions

It’s no secret that sleeping hot is one of the most common nocturnal complaints, and a leading cause for poor quality sleep. The cause is simple: your body temperature actually drops to initiate sleep, and a sleep environment that’s too warm is likely to disrupt that process and keep you awake.

Advanced cooling technology can now drastically reduce temperature regulation issues with phase change surface infusions. These infusions are made using gels that react to your body heat, changing to a cooling liquid when you’re too hot, but remaining in a semi-fluid state when your body temperature is just right.

The result is a more active cooling effect than even the most breathable bed can deliver. Not everyone needs specialized cooling infusions in their mattress but, for those that do, mattresses with these cooling innovations are making it easier than ever to get a good night’s sleep.


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