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Early to bed and early to rise, the morning lark is up and at it, often as the sun is rising. A lark may not understand the lure of the late night—but what they're missing out on in late hours, they are more than making up for with the charms of the wee hours of the morning. These are 5 advantages of being a morning lark!


They're better suited for challenges of the 9 to 5.

You’re not stumbling out of bed and throwing on some clothes just to get to work on time. A morning lark is up and ready to take on the day. Not only does the 9 to 5 schedule suit their natural body rhythm, they are likely to be more detail-oriented. That makes them more aware of potential problems and more prepared to deal with them during their working day.


Their productivity is steadier throughout the day.

If you're a morning lark, your performance remains relatively steady throughout the day, according to researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada. Better yet, since a lark is more likely to be at his or her desk early, they win the approval of bosses and supervisors who like to see workers coming in a bit ahead of schedule.


They get more family time.

Children tend to wake early and the morning lark is there to greet them. Plus, getting to work early may mean getting home on time, so the morning lark can enjoy more family time in the evening, too.


Early risers tend to be healthier.

Yep, research says that on average, early risers tend to have a healthier body weight index. It may be the bright, early morning light, but the BMI of larks tends to be lower than night owls – independent of exercise, eating habits and other factors. And, speaking of exercise, larks are more likely to hit the gym.


They're happier and more optimistic.

Again, that early morning light may be an “upper” that helps fend of depression. You tend to be alert and cheerful – and happier! And, being happier makes you more optimistic than the night owl.


Early or late riser, your bed plays a big part in getting you ready for a new day. It’s simple, if your bed doesn’t give you support or is lumpy and sagging, you’re not going to get the rest you need. Regardless of whether or not you're a night owl or a morning lark, a new mattress might be just what you need for your best sleep ever.


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