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It’s time for new sheets, but now your confused. Is a thread count of 1000 going to mean sweet dreams? Here are 5 things to consider when buying sheets.

5 Tricks to Help You Buy the Right Sheet

You want your bed to be inviting and comfortable. Your sheets play a huge role in both! Finding sheets that are attractive and provide the sleeping surface you want can be confusing. Here are 5 sheet buying tips.

  1. Thread count. Does it count? That’s a yes and a no. Many shoppers have been led to believe that thread count should be the number one factor in sheet buying and that’s simply not true. Many factors determine how a sheet feels and lasts. A very high thread count may feel heavy and stiffer. That’s great if that’s your comfort level. A lower thread count may give you a softer feel. In general, look for a thread count between 200 and 800. Some experts say 300 is just right!
  2. Ply is important. It’s a way that thread count can be manipulated. For example, a single ply sheet with an 800 thread count does have 800 threads in a square inch – so does a double-ply sheet, but there’s a big difference. A double-ply sheet is made up of two threads twisted together, so there are only 400 double-ply threads in the inch. While that’s still 800 threads, it can be a big difference if the double-ply sheet is made up of inferior yarn. Overall, double-ply sheets will be more durable. Single-ply sheets will appear more delicate and can give you a thinner, cooler feel.
  3. The weave. This may be the most important factor in how your sheet feels. A percale weave is the most common and it’s sort of a basket weave. This balanced weave is crisp and cool. A sateen weave puts more threads on the surface for a luxurious appearance and a “slick” feel. Cozy, warm flannel sheets have a twill weave with a fluffy, raised surface. Knitted jersey sheets have the feel of your t-shirt and have the most stretch.
  4. The material. Cotton is breathable, comfortable and durable. Pima Cotton grown in the Southwest and in South America is the most durable while Egyptian cotton is known for its breathability and is highly absorbent. Cotton and polyester blends are easy care and have many breathable properties of cotton. You can also find organic cotton sheets with cotton that was grown without pesticides or chemicals. Bamboo sheets are soft and breathable and are a good choice for the environment since bamboo is sustainable and easily replaced – it’s one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.
  5. Price. You’re going to find sales and you’re going to find lower prices at discount and clearance stores, so you can shop for a bargain. However, remember price does count and you’re probably not going to find the best sheet at a very, very low or discounted price. Just like thread count, shopping for somewhere in the middle will probably give you the best value.

Your sheets can make your bed look pretty and they can welcome you with a crisp and cool feel, but they can’t make up for a mattress that is uncomfortable or worn out. A good night’s rest is essential to your good health. If your mattress is keeping you from getting the rest you need, don’t buy sheets – buy a new mattress. Consider latex – natural, supportive and affordable!


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