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What kind of person do you think you are? Open and trusting? A softie on the inside? According to research, how you sleep and how much you sleep may give you away.

  1. Fetal position. It’s the most popular sleeping position. Out of 1000 research subjects, 41% sleep on their side with their knees pulled up. More women chose this position than men. Is that because researchers say this position heralds that you’re tough on the outside but shy and sensitive on the inside?
  2. Yearners. This is someone who sleeps on their side with their arms stretched out in front of them. It looks like they’re reaching for something, but researchers say they are open and inviting – albeit a bit cynical and suspicious.
  3. The log. You’re still on your side but your legs are straight out and your arms are at your side. It looks straight and stiff by these sleepers tend to be very sociable – so sociable they may be just a bit gullible.
  4. The soldier. This person sleeps on their back with their arms at their side – kinda like standing at attention. And, it reflects a personality that has high expectations for themselves and others, is serious and structured.
  5. Freefall. Not exactly what the name implies. These stomach sleepers turn their head to one side and their hands are near their pillow. This may mark a free personality type that is sociable and even brash. However, inside they are nervous and over-sensitive to criticism.
  6. Starfish. This is an on-the-back sleeper with legs extended but askew and arms above their head. This person is likely to be a loyal friend who is willing to listen to all your problems.

Each sleeping style is different, but every sleeping position needs a great, supportive mattress for the best night’s rest! That’s why Brooklyn Bedding started with a great latex mattress and then personalized it so you can choose from three sleeping comfort levels – soft (for side/stomach/back sleepers), medium (for a bed that’s just right for two different sleepers and their style) and firm (for back and stomach sleepers who don’t want that sinking feeling)!


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