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The choices range from silk and satin to flannel and cotton. Then, there’s, well, nothing. What do you wear to bed and are you planning your nighttime activities when you choose your nightwear? Here are 7 bedtime fashions and what they may be saying.

1. YIKES! I’m ready, but you’d better be ready to get to work. When you don that bustier, garter belt and stocking, the message is clear. But, the outfit is not exactly something you can slip off. You and your guy have to be prepared to unhook one layer at a time. One male respondent in Cosmo said it was a definite turn-on but it turned into a puzzle to get it off.

2. YES! Julia Roberts made this one as sexy as it can get. A man’s button down shirt – and nothing else. Just make sure that the shirt you select isn’t one that just came from the dry cleaners -- the one he was planning on wearing to the big meeting. Although, he may forgive you ‘cause men agree this is a look they like.

3. NOT TONIGHT. When you put on a full set of pajamas and accessorize them with an eye mask the message is very clear. You’ve got one thing in mind when you hit the sack and it’s a good night’s sleep. Maybe tomorrow?

4. MAYBE! It’s the shorter version of PJ’s. When you put on your short PJ’s, it’s a mixed message. You’re interested in sleep, but you might be convinced to change your mind if the guy in your life is willing to make the effort.

5. FOR SURE! You’re baring it all. You’re going to bed in your all-together. You’re naked. He’s happy. Men say this is always the best choice – and, if it makes it more convincing, sleep experts say your body regulates its temperature better for a sounder sleep if you’re not wearing anything. You both win.

6. MIGHT HAPPEN. It’s what most women sleep in most of the time and it looks good. Simple tie-on shorts and a T-shirt can be quite alluring and very comfortable. They’re a good choice no matter what you have in mind.

7. NO WAY. A full-length onesie will probably be the only thing keeping you warm on a cold winter’s night. You can try to make it sexier by leaving the zipper or buttons undone, but it’s not a look that says come hither.

Do you know what’s really sexy? It’s a great bed! A mattress that is supportive for when you just want that great night’s rest – and has the bounce to make everything else more fun. Latex mattresses fit that description perfectly. They’re naturally cool and have the “push back” that makes moving easy! Plus, you can make a great deal on the Internet. You get a great Latex mattress – your choice of soft, medium or firm. It’s delivered to your door. You get to try out for as long as 120 days so you can be sure this mattress you want – no matter what you’re planning on any given night!


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