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Foam mattresses have been around for a long time, but with the growing popularity of online mattresses retailers, foam mattresses are gaining popularity over their traditional innerspring counterparts. Plus, foam can provide exceptional contouring and pressure point relief, which is especially important for side sleepers who require a softer transition to firmer core layers.

But like most things on the internet, not all foam mattresses are created equal. It's important to understand the type of foam your mattress is made of, and how that impacts the support, comfort and cooling of your bed. Thankfully, the growing popularity of foam mattresses has led to plenty of advancements in foam technology. If you're on the hunt or a high quality, all-foam mattress at a great price, keep a lookout for these types of foam for better sleep.


Open Cell Technology

One of the most common concerns with all-foam mattresses is breathability and cooling. That's because unlike hybrid and innerspring mattresses that allow airflow through open spaces in coils, foam can often trap body heat. This could lead to sleeping hot, waking up sweaty and difficulty falling and staying asleep.

One of the most affordable fixes is open cell technology, which means the cells in your bed's foam are "popped" to provide better airflow without compromising support. Almost all foams used in mattresses have open cell technology, since many consider this the absolute minimum for comfortable sleep. Of course, if you have more pronounced issues with sleeping hot, simply having open cell technology in your foam bed might not be enough. Make sure you understand your unique sleep needs before selecting a foam bed with only open cell technology.


Gel and Metallic Foam Infusions

While both gel and metallic infusions are added during the production of the foam itself—and usually added only to upper foam layers of the bed—these two types of infusions deliver different benefits for sleepers.

Those that have more pronounced issues with sleeping hot often look for foam beds that have gel infusions in top layers. Gel actively pulls heat away from the body and assists in dispersing this excess heat down into the mattress and away from the sleeper. Foam with a gel infusion often feels cooler to the touch, so this type of foam is usually kept to the uppermost layers of your bed. To get the most out of gel infusions, opt for breathable sheets and beds that have a smooth top weave that creates a thinner barrier between you and these cooling infusions.

Metallic infusions can also provide cooling relief, since metals like titanium and copper also conduct heat and pull it down into the mattress and away from the sleeper. However, metallic infusions like copper can also promote an anti-bacterial sleeping environment, keeping those with sensitive skin and allergies more comfortable night after night. Plus, many metallic infusions add durability and strength to the foam, meaning it lasts longer. Titanium—like that found in our proprietary TitanFlex™ foam—is an especially popular infusion for added durability.


Latex Alternative Foams

Latex foam is a popular material used in mattresses for decades, mainly because latex delivers contouring support with fast-response support. It's a popular middle ground for those that like the soft contouring of memory foam but prefer foam that more quickly adjustments to movement.

Of course, latex foam beds can be expensive, and those with latex allergies are often concerned with sleeping on a latex foam mattress (though there is no evidence that suggests latex mattresses will cause latex allergy reactions). Enter, latex alternative foam. Latex alternative foam like Energex foam offers the same support and contouring for a fraction of the price, and doesn't have the same properties as latex that may give people with latex allergies pause.


No matter what type of all foam mattress you choose, make sure you consider your unique sleep needs. Some will benefit significantly from gel infusions, while others would prefer a mattress with antibacterial copper infusions. Any mattress made by a quality manufacturer will deliver a superior night's sleep.


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