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We all sleep differently and prefer different types of mattresses. A mattress that may be right for you could not fit your spouse or friend. That is why we do not always sleep well when we stay in hotels or a family member’s home. That particular mattress is not right for the way we sleep. It can cause us pain or cause us to wake up multiple times during the night. Shopping at a mattress company, like Brooklyn Bedding, can allow us to find the right mattress for our home and particular tastes. Below is a description of the main three types of mattresses and what they may do for your health.

The first type of mattress is the memory foam mattress. Memory foam is made up of a material known as viscoelastic. This material allows the mattress to conform to your body weight and shape. It allows you to continue sleeping without a disturbance even if your spouse or partner gets up or rolls over. A memory foam mattress is often recommended for those who have back pain or chronic pain. This is because it conforms to the shape and weight of your body meaning that it gives you the support you need while you sleep. This takes away the aches and pains you can feel when you wake up or sometimes during the entire day. When that pain gets taken away while you sleep you get to sleep deeper and without waking up so much. This allows us to wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to face the day.

The second major type of mattress is the latex mattress. This type of mattress is made using two different methods. The first method is known as the Dunlop method which is where latex is injected into a mold in several layers. Chemicals are added to speed up the settling process as well as to settle in the bottom of each mold layer. Latex mattresses made with this method tend to be firmer than other mattresses. It is recommended for those who sleep on their back regularly. That is because it is designed to take away those pressure points when you sleep on your back.

The last type of mattress is known as a Talalay latex mattress. This is the all natural form of the latex mattress. Instead of adding chemicals during the creation process the latex material is whipped and then poured into a mold. It is then vacuumed and flash frozen. No chemicals are added so it is healthier to you while you sleep. This type of mattress is a lot softer so those who need a softer surface for when you sleep, this may be the type of mattress for you. A Talalay latex mattress is also usually allergy resistant. This would be helpful for those who have bad allergies and need something that is allergy resistant to sleep on.

There are many different types of mattresses available. What your health requires made lead you to a specific decision on what the right type of mattress may be for you. If you have more questions go online to Brooklyn Bedding.


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