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If you need help unpacking your new mattress, please review the step by step instructions below or watch the video above. If you have two boxes, this is due to weight restrictions for larger size and heavier mattresses.

  1. If you have one box, unpack the mattress and place the compress mattress on the foot of your bed (it will roll towards the headboard). In about 2 minutes, the mattress will decompress. It can take up to 24 hours to fully decompress. (If you have 2 boxes, please continue, otherwise skip to 5)
  2. If you have two boxes, unpack both boxes and carefully remove plastic wrapping. One box will be the mattress itself and the other is the comfort layer. After everything has decompressed, unzip the mattress cover.
  3. Take the comfort layers and gently place them in the zippered area. If you have the Aloe Adele/Alexis, there will be numbers marked on the layers. Make sure the higher numbers are on bottom (for default setup).
  4. Place the mattress cover on top of the comfort layers, line up the zippers and proceed to zip the entire mattress.
  5. The product may have a slight smell due to compression, we advise to let the mattress breathe for a few hours before using sheets.

For any additional questions about the setup of your mattres or related inquiries, please contact us.


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