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You likely have a maintenance schedule for your car. You probably clean and care for your kitchen appliances on a regular basis.

But do you have a plan for one of the most common household purchases that ensures quality sleep, night after night?

Considering the health benefits of a good night's rest, and the money you've already invested in your latex mattress, it's a good idea to regularly clean and inspect your sleep surface.

Let's start with just three things you can do to prolong the life of your latex mattress:


Vacuum Your Mattress


All types of mattresses can collect dust, dust mites, and bacteria. These microscopic organisms will continue to gather on top of, and potentially inside your mattress, if you do not care for it properly. The best way to keep allergens and other health hazards off your mattress is to use a handheld vacuum or vacuum wand to clean your sleep surface, ideally about every three months.


Protect Your Mattress


Mattress protection comes in two different forms: mattress protectors and mattress encasements.

A mattress protector is a cover that goes on your mattress like a fitted sheet. It is designed for a cleaner night's sleep, protecting your sleep surface against bed bugs, dust mites and bacteria while also safeguarding your investment from liquids, including spills. Mattress protectors are easy to find and an inexpensive way to protect your investment. What's more, they're easy to remove for machine washing on a frequent basis.

A mattress encasement offers 360 degree protection by using waterproof fabric with (typically) a zipper enclosure to surround the entire mattress. It takes a bit more effort to both encase the mattress and remove the protection for laundering but its benefits are unmatched. A mattress encasement offers maximum protection on your investment by repelling liquids on all sides of the bed and entirely eliminating entry points for bed bugs, dust mites and bacteria.

Both mattress protectors and mattress encasements are hypoallergenic and designed to be highly breathable.


Remove Stains Immediately


Stains—and the liquids that contribute to them—can break down the composition of your mattress if they set in. Any stain on your mattress should be removed quickly, using a small amount water. Tougher stains may require a bit of laundry detergent or even dishwashing liquid mixed with water. Pat the stain on your mattress top or cover as you would any fabric, including clothing, until the stain is completely removed. Be sure to dry the mattress thoroughly before making the bed again.


Caring for a latex mattress isn't complicated but does require planning. For more information on prolonging the life of your mattress, or simply getting the best sleep ever, you can talk to a sleep expert or visit our tips and tricks section of BrooklynBedding.com.


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