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We have all heard just how important it is to get enough sleep every night. Every time we go into the doctor’s office we get asked if we are getting the right amount of sleep every night. The only problem with that question is that everyone requires different amounts of sleep to feel good the next day. Children are supposed to get anywhere from nine to eleven hours of sleep every night. Adults are recommended to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. However, people may not need to sleep as long as what is recommended. Others may need to sleep more to feel fully rested.

There are many things that can affect how long you sleep every night. For example, if you are pregnant you are more than likely going to need more sleep than you used to. That is because of the changes your body is going through. If you have not been getting enough sleep lately, then you are going to find that the amount of sleep you need at night increases. As you get older, your sleep patterns ma change. You still need the same amount of sleep but you may sleep for shorter amounts of time throughout the day. The quality of the sleep you get will also affect the length of time you sleep. If your mattress is uncomfortable, whether a latex or memory foam mattress, than your sleep quality is affected. You will not sleep as deeply or for as long as you may need. Each person is different with regards to how much sleep you need.

There are many signs that your body has that tell you that you are not getting enough sleep. One such sign is if you have issues paying attention in a meeting or class. Granted these can be boring, but you should not find yourself falling asleep in them on a regular basis. Another sign is you find yourself yawning and blinking a lot. Yawning is a way to get more oxygen to your brain to wake it back up. You will do this a lot more often if you have not been getting the proper amount of sleep. Another sign is if inactivity makes you tired. Inactivity refers to sitting and reading or watching television for an extended period of time. While this should be relaxing it usually should not put you to sleep. Having the signs together, or on a recurring basis are indications that you are not getting enough sleep or you are not sleeping well enough.

Getting a new memory foam mattress can help with the not sleeping well enough. Sometime your mattress can cause issues while you sleep by not giving you enough support. If you think your mattress may be the problem, go online to Brooklyn Bedding. They can help you find the right mattress for you so you can sleep well every night. So go online and see how they can help you.


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