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Teens and young adults are notorious for not getting enough sleep. Sleep experts recommend that teens between the age 14 and 17 sleep between 8 and 10 hours a night, and young adults up to 25 sleep at least 7 to 9 hours — but in both categories, the average is no more than 7.5 hours per night.

For parents, this is a worrying trend — but a great sleep setup is one of the best ways to combat chronic sleep deprivation and boost the mental and physical performance that’s key to academic success. These sleep bundles target the most common sleep needs for different types of students—just in time for your student to go back to school or on to college.


The Trendsetter Sleep Bundle

Who it’s for: Student influencers making a difference

What it includes:


Your student is going places and all the world is watching. It’s only natural to opt for the product everyone is raving about

Enter the Brooklyn Signature, our best selling mattress online. Newly upgraded for enhanced support and comfort, the Brooklyn Signature features a hybrid of individually-pocketed Ascension™ coils and two layers of hyper-responsive TitanFlex™ foam. Deemed the #BestMattressEver, the Brooklyn Signature delivers best-in-class compression support and motion isolation with enhanced breathability. An added infusion of TitaniumGel™ pulls excess heat away from the body for a cooler, more restful night’s sleep.

Pair this with super breathable Bamboo Twill sheets for a crisp and cool sleep experience, and our best-selling Shredded Foam Pillows that allow you to create your lift. It’s our most popular line-up of products for a reason!



Too Cool for School Sleep Bundle

Who it’s for: Active students, especially outdoor enthusiasts and athletes

What it includes:


Active teens and young adults often have very different sleep needs and concerns than students not as involved in sports or outdoor activities. For instance, most student athletes have a faster metabolism, which increases their core body temperature and can lead to night sweats and sleeping hot – two major contributors to poor sleep quality and insomnia. Active students need a sleep solution that puts cooling and breathability at a premium.

The Brooklyn Aurora is an elite cooling mattress that has not one, but two advanced cooling elements. Designed to maintain an ideal sleep skin temperature of 88 degrees (a full three degrees lower than the average skin temperature of 91 degrees), the Brooklyn Aurora features a surface-layer infusion of TitanCool™.

This phase-change molecule liquefies at higher temperatures and solidifies at lower temperatures, delivering dynamic sleep temperature regulation that feels cool to the touch. A base layer of individually-pocketed Quantum™ Edge coils and two top layers of responsive TitanFlex™ foam provide enhanced contouring and support to promote faster muscle recovery for active bodies.

The advanced cooling Brooklyn Aurora is paired with a soft and lightweight Bamboo Twill Sheet set, made with naturally-derived materials that feature inherent moisture-wicking properties and enhanced breathability to promote airflow. The bundle is completed by a pair of Talalay Latex Pillows, constructed with premium Talalay latex foam to provide superior neck and head support in a material up to 7 times more breathable than other latex foams.


Basics for Brainiacs Sleep Bundle

Who it’s for: Smart students looking for smart savings

What it includes:


Brainy, studious teens and young adults aren’t likely to spend hours upon hours lounging around on their bed — but when they do finally hit the hay after a late night of studying, they’ll need the right comfort and support to drift quickly off to sleep. These are students looking for value.

The Brooklyn Bowery is the coziest all-foam mattress on the market, featuring not one but three layers of high quality foam designed to deliver exceptional support and durability with cradling comfort for better rest. A premium smooth top weave and open-cell foam construction makes the Brooklyn Bowery especially breathable. Meanwhile two inches of gentle transition foam provides enhanced pressure point relief and motion isolation so your hard-working student can drift off to sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow.

Add super-soft and luxurious Brushed Microfiber sheets and the versatile Shredded Foam Pillow — made using a shredded foam stuffing that’s easy to add and remove for the perfect loft — and this sleep bundle delivers a supremely snug and cozy sleep experience at an ultra affordable price.


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