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There is reason to believe making your bed is a good thing. Research published in Psychology Today shows that 71% of the people who make their bed said they were happy. In contrast 62% of those who didn’t make their bed said they were unhappy. So, if you buy into the research—just how should you make your bed, and why? Here are the best of the best ways to make a bed.


Put your top sheet on the right.

That’s Upside Down.Someplace along the line, sheet manufacturers decided that everyone would put the sheet on with the pattern down and then neatly fold the top over the blanket so show off that cute pattern. Some more brilliant sheet makers made the top several inches with the pattern on both side so you don’t have to make this choice. Think of it this way – if the boogie man comes calling and you have to cover up your head, don’t you want to see that calming pattern of rosebuds? If the sheet is upside down, you’ve under a blanket (OK, sheet) of roses.

Use "hospital corners"—the ones that form a perfect triangle.

If you believe they did this in hospitals to make patients more comfortable, you’ve never spent the night in a hospital bed. If you like your toes outside the sheets and blankets, it isn’t going to work for you. If you went to boot camp, you may have learned how. If you want to learn, there are instructional videos on the Net. But, ask yourself – why did someone make fitted sheets if hospital corners are so great. Still, if you want to pass inspection or impress your overnight guests, give a hospital corner a try.


Iron your sheets.

First, this is for linen and cotton only – not flannel. Next, you have to find the time and the space to iron that sheet. They aren’t small. But, admit it, even if you only do it once and a while, slipping into bed on an ironed sheet is just an amazing, sexy feeling. So, consider ironing your sheets – at least for special occasions like your anniversary or the ones in the guest room when your in-laws are on the way.


Use a duvet and put it on the right.

This may give you an excuse when it comes to that top sheet. In Europe, there isn’t a top sheet. It’s the duvet that’s next to your body. So, do you need one? Yes, it’s a cover for your comforter so it can bring many different looks to your room while it protects your comforter. You can change it up! But, put it on the easy way. Turn the corners inside out and grab e corners of your comforter – then, shake.


It’s up to you. It makes sense that making your bed brings an achievement to your day before you even leave home. It may be a sign you’re organized and ready to go. But, how far will you go? Ironed sheets and hospital corners? Isn’t that kind of a dis to the people who invented permanent press and fitted sheets? Maybe more research is needed on how well you have to make your bed to be considered a morning bed maker. One thing for sure – you can’t change an uncomfortable mattress by dressing it up, so pay attention to the bed before you worry about the bedding.


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