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You may have been a bit afraid to buy online. What if it didn’t work? Or, what if you didn’t like it? But lower prices, free returns and retailers who stand behind their product are changing the way America buys. Here are 5 things you can save on when you shop online – whether at a company site or on one of the merchandising websites.

1. Glasses: No – not the kind you use for your favorite beverage – the kind you use to read this! You’re going to find sites that sell frames and prescription glasses and contact lens. All you need is your prescription and then go shopping online. There are sites that will send you frames so you can try them on in advance. There are sites will all the major brand name contact lenses. You’ll find guarantees that return the entire purchase price so you can try these services worry-free. Best of all, you’ll find big savings!

2. Dog Food: This one probably won’t deliver huge savings, but your dog eats everyday so even small savings add up. Try the largest merchandising site, Amazon, and you’ll find a good selection of brand name dog foods. If you have a Prime membership with Amazon, you can get free shipping. You get some savings – and you don’t have to load that big dog food bag into the car. It will be delivered to your doorstep!

3. OTC Drugs: It always pays to be an informedshopper so compare prices from online sites – including drugstore sites – with your local store. You can find everything from brand name allergy drugs to aspirin on line and you may find big savings.

4. Mattresses: This one is a winner! You don’t have to deal with a salesperson following you around or try to test a mattress by stretching out in the showroom window. Your mattress will be delivered to your door and the best part is you’ll know if it’s the right mattress for you. When you buy on the Internet, you’re going to get up to 3 months to test it – that’s months!

5. Electronics: Both big and small electronics are worth a few searches on the Internet to see if you can save. Stores like Best Buy and Target may have special Internet offerings that beat their in-store prices. You’ll also want to shop the electronic online sites and, of course, Amazon. Don’t rule out eBay – especially for smaller items. From extra batteries to cell phone covers, you may find a great deal. Again, it’s up to you to be a competitive shopper when you’re making a big purchase, looking both in stores and online.

Another big plus of shopping online is that you get to read real reviews from real people. You can also look at questions and answers that will tell you even more about the product. Be sure you do your homework. For example, whether you’re buying a new mattress from an online mattress company read the “about us” section and learn about the company and the mattress construction before you buy. Be a careful shopper online or at your neighborhood retailer. Look for value and cost savings -- you may find your best buy is an online purchase.


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