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Did you know that research has shown that regular nappers tend to be sicker and sadder than those who rarely or never nap? On the other hand, experimental studies have shown nappers could run faster (literally), recall facts more accurately and solve puzzles more easily. So, the jury out. But, 5 types of napper have been identified. Here they are.

1. Dysregulative Nappers are taking a nap with a purpose. Maybe they’ve had a sick child or a shift change – or they were cramming for a work presentation; now they want to get back on track. These nappers are sleeping because they want to get their sleep schedule back on track. That little nap makes it possible for them to normalize their usual sleep schedule. And, their normal sleep habits are usually good.

2. Restorative Nappers really feel like they have to take a nap. For whatever reason, they don’t think they can make it through the day and evening if they don’t get some sleep. These nappers are likely to be night owls and they may not have a regular sleep schedule. Researches decided these nappers were usually in good health and productive. They nap to replace lost sleep when they’ve over done it – not because of sleep problems. More women than men are restorative nappers.

3. Emotional Nappers were found to be more likely to have sleep problems and psychological and health problems. Using naps to get away from stress and because a person is depressed are the wrong reason for naps. More women than men fall in this category and researchers say they are napping for the wrong reasons. Perhaps, their overall health and wellbeing should be evaluated more closely.

4. Appetitive Nappers love their naps. Napping is part of their regular schedule. They feel great after a nap. They tend to be win-winners. They enjoy a great nap and a good night’s rest. When their nap is over, they are alert, not groggy. They’ll probably take another nap tomorrow!

5. Mindful Nappers are napping mindfully. They’ve read that napping is good for them. They’ve read that a nap can give them more focus and energy. They are motivated to nap by outside sources and, even, by imitating someone they respect like a CEO who says napping has helped with achievement. They’re goal-driven achievers – not a bad thing since they sleep well at night, too.

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