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It’s a worldwide problem – people, and not just children, who are afraid to go to bed. The Sandman may be friendly but the other creatures are not. Here are some of the “nightmares” from around the world.

1. The Philippines. The native language is Tagalog and it has this word, “Bangungut”. If you translate it, it means to rise and moan during sleep. That’s because the Batibat sprits have come to call. Looking like an ugly, fat woman, the Batibat area tree dwellers. But, beware, if one of their homes – their tree – is used in the construction of you home, they’ll come for a nighttime visit. They’re use their huge size to sit on the new homeowner’s chest and face and “push” out the sleeping victim’s life force. Better build your house with bricks.

2. Japan. Nothing goes to waste on this island nation and leftover pieces from the creation come together in the Baku. As you would expect, this creature is a bit confused with the trunk of an elephant, the body of a bear and the tail of an ox. It feeds on dreams. Children may call for it to remove their nightmares. There’s a catch. Unfortunately, the Baku can also eat the hopes and motivation of the sleeper.

3. Hungary. This monster, Liderc, grows from a tiny egg and has a sexual nature. Yes, it can squeeze the victim, but that not only creates fear – it creates lust. This gender-shifting (neither man or woman is safe) sucks blood and robs the victim of his or her strength. But, if they fall in love with the victim, they will bring hoarded gold. Don’t want to take the chance? If you give Liderc an impossible task, they will stick with that task looking for a solution forever and leave you alone.

4. Turkey. You can gain a slave if you can steal the Jinn’s hat. Their nighttime visit is call Karabasan. They will hold the victim still and strangle them. But, the Jinn always has a hat and if you can get that hat, the Jinn becomes a genie and will do your will.

5. Chile. The women of the Chilean island of Chiloe have an irresistible nighttime visitor. He’s a sport guy and no woman can resist him. If a woman becomes pregnant and the circumstances of the pregnancy can’t be explained, you guessed it. The father is Trauco, that nighttime visitor.

Many of the nighttime monsters are rooted in the natural phenomena of sleep paralysis when they feel like they can’t move or get their breath. But, you may be having nightmares about your mattress. If you’re being visited by the night terror of a broken spring or a big valley, think about looking for a new, supportive latex mattress. You can save money by buying online and that should give you very pleasant dreams!


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