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When you climb into bed and feel those crisp, clean sheets, you just want to go “ahhhhh.” But, to get that feeling you have to know how to buy the best sheets for you!

Here are 5 Things to Know

1. Thread Count. Higher doesn’t mean better or more comfortable. Sure, you can find sheets with a 1000 thread count or more, but that doesn’t mean they are more luxurious. Often the high count is achieved by using thread with more than one ply. If there are 400 single threads in an inch, that’s a 400 thread count. If there are 400 threads made up of 2 threads woven together, you have an 800 thread count. However, depending on the threads that 800 thread count could be more luxurious or less! Most experts recommend that you don’t buy sheets with a thread count over 400.

2. Fiber. Know what you want. A cotton-polyester blend may be more wrinkle resistant than cotton and it may last longer. It also is probably less expensive. It might be a great choice for the children’s bed, but if you want the soft, cool feel, you want 100% cotton. Pima and Egyptian cotton are the best choices as they are long-staple (long-fiber) cotton that is softer and won’t pill. Cotton is a natural for a great night’s rest.

3. The Season. You may want to change your sheets with the season. If you want a warm and toasty bed in the winter, consider jersey or flannel. When summer comes around, think of that cool cotton. You change your blankets – why not your sheets?

4. The Weave. This is where you can make your preference known. Like a slicker, softer feel? Choose a sateen weave. It has more vertical yarns than horizontal yarns and that makes the sheets softer but a little less durable. You can choose a more intricate weave like a jacquard or damask. They’ll have a little more texture to them. Percale is a basic weave but a little more upscale as it always has a thread count of 180 or higher and a crisp feel. A plain weave is what most people choose. This weave has the same number of vertical and horizontal threads.

5. Clean and New. Those are things that make your sheets perfect for a good night’s rest. You should wash your sheets every 10 days or less. Think about replacing your bedding every 18 to 24 months. Just like anything else, they wear and lose some of that crisp feel.

Quality sheets don’t have to expensive sheets. You’ll find great buys on 100% cotton sheets so make sure your bedding helps you feel relaxed. Get rid of old sheets that are worn or pilling. However, if you have great sheets and a worn-out mattress, those sheets aren’t going to help. You spend a third of your life in bed so make sure that mattress will give you the support you need to wake up rested and refreshed. If you like natural cotton, you may love the support and bounce of a natural latex bed. You can even buy a latex mattress on the internet and have it delivered to your door. Not that’s a very stress-free, restful idea.


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