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We all know the song, “don’t worry; be happy”. But, sometimes happiness just feels a bit out of your reach so try one of these 7 small things and find out how easy it is to feel happier!

1. Get Outside. Take a walk. Work in the garden. Why does being outside feel so good? There’s no for-sure answer, but come researchers think it’s because of Vitamin D. Vitamin D can help prevent everything from cancer to inflammation to obesity. Plus, it helps us build a stronger immune system. Those answers tell us while it’s good for us, but it seems spending some time being closer to nature makes us happier, too.

2. Read. Take me away! Take me away from the everyday stresses of life. Reading does. It allows you to experience new things, different cultures and travel far away without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. Reading can also inspire you, comfort you and make you laugh. Now, that’s happy!

3. Exercise. Break out that tape – even one where the “star” is still wearing leg warmers. Go to the gym. Take a jog on a treadmill. Exercise releases endorphins and that’s the body’s happy chemical. You can sweat away your stress. Plus, you’ll tone and tighten that will also have you smiling.

4. Call a Friend. Or, get together with a family member. One of the big regrets in life is not spending more time with the people you love and like. And, keep this in mind. The Longevity Study included research that showed helping others was a factor in living longer. So, live long and happy. Create and cultivate relationships.

5. Be Grateful. We’ve all heard it, but do it. Stop and count your blessing. From the blue sky or the swirling snow, from the rolling walk of a toddler to the latest dance moves, life is beautiful and life is fun.

6. Get Enough Sleep. Seriously! We all know that a good night’s rest is essential to our health. It’s also essential to our mood. It’s much, much nice to wake up ready to embrace the day than to feel like you’re being dragged kicking and screaming into it.

7. See the Big Picture. Take a broader view of life. That annoying teenager is going to make your heart huge with pride on graduation day. When everyday annoyances are bringing you down, step back and take a broader view. You’ll find the good in just about everything!

It’s all simple – as simple as a smile and smiling will make you feel happier, too. And, speaking of simple so much of this is just a click away. Start a regular email conversation with an old friend. Want a new book? Download for instant gratification. Going to take up walking or join a gym – click again for great shoes and athletic gear. Even a supportive, comfortable mattress is just a click away. Check out internet mattress dealers for supportive latex mattresses and big savings. You can even grab your laptop or tablet and do it all from underneath your favorite shade tree! Think small and think happy. It works!


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