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Latex mattresses have become extremely popular in recent years. This is because they have a variety of comfort levels that allow you the support you need when you sleep every night. Latex is made up of rubber from a rubber tree. There are two ways that latex mattresses are created from the rubber material that is gathered. These two different ways change the firmness level of the mattress. Below is a description of the production method and how it affects the mattress.

The Dunlop Method

This method of creating the mattress is the simpler version of construction. There are not as many steps as there is in the other construction method. In this method the latex serum is injected in layers into a mold for the mattress. It is then allowed to set for a while. Because it takes so long for the liquid to set into a solid form, chemicals are added into the liquid. This will speed up the setting process and the chemical particulates will settle at the bottom of each layer.

Mattresses that are made using this method tend to be firmer. They also tend to last a little bit longer than latex mattresses that are made using the other method. The layers in this type of mattress are designed to give you a great night’s sleep by using several different firmness levels. In some cases, there will be a layer of Talalay latex, which is airier, to better support certain pressure points that you may have while you sleep. This will allow you to sleep comfortably night after night.

The Talalay Method

The second construction method is known as the Talalay method. It is also known as an all natural latex mattress. This is because there are no chemicals added during the construction process of this type of latex mattress. Instead the liquid latex is poured into the mold and sealed closed. It is then vacuumed to make sure that the liquid goes everywhere in the mold. The next step is when the liquid latex is flash frozen then flash heated so that the latex gels into a permanent solid form. The flash freezing and heating allows the cells to keep their shape better than the Dunlop method.

As stated above there are no chemicals added during the construction of an all natural latex mattress. This makes the mattress healthier for you and your family and a lot more kind to the environment. This construction method does take longer than the Dunlop method. It does mean that this type of mattress can be more expensive. However, this type of mattress does tend to be softer than the Dunlop construction method. This can make the mattress more comfortable to sleep on.

It can be difficult to choose what type of mattress is right for you. Thankfully there are companies like the ones at Brooklyn Bedding who can help you. So if you are considering purchasing a new latex mattress go online and check them out.


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